The CMAO is consistently one of the best coordinated tournaments I attend. It’s obvious that Brian Pena spends the time to meticulously train staff. He also does what it takes to hang onto valuable, experienced staff members from year to year. All this makes for a well organized, smooth running tournament experience.

Billee Purvis
LifeForce Fighter Group

As a 30 year veteran martial scientist, international competitor and founder of my own system – it is with great honor that I salute Master Brian Pena for his journey to bring excellence and equality to the martial arts circuit and communities of South Carolina. From his inaugural tournament that I personally attended to his subsequent events that I brought my students to compete in – I always found the experience to be of the highest quality from the awards to the judging and especially the overall family atmosphere, fairness and humanity for all cultures and systems represented.

Grandmaster Dr. Germon “Mama G” Miller, Ph.D.
Akeru African Martial Arts

The Carolina Open is by far the most organized and efficiently run event. It’s a great feeling to know that you can send even your newest students to a tournament and expect them to have a positive experience.

Rick Lee
Former Promoter: Great Southeast Nationals
Spartanburg, SC

For the past few years the Carolina Martial Arts Open has been my favorite event in the Southeast!

Cass Sigmon
Team Full Circle

The CMAO was the first rated tournament that my students and I attended. I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find our way around or know what to do, but the CMAO staff was very helpful and friendly. The competition was great and it motivated my students to go back to the karate school and sharpen their skills for the next big competition!

Lindy Woods
Chun Kuk Do

Carolina Open is one tournament that shoots to improve every year! Master Pena works hard to make sure everyone feels welcome and has a great experience! Don’t miss this event! The Night Show is one of the best around, period!

Aaron Hensley
Premier Martial Arts
Augusta, GA

If the rest of the karate world ran their tournaments the way that Brian Pena and The Karate Dojo does, you would see Sport Martial Arts on network TV five nights a week. The Carolina Martial Arts Open is one of the premier karate tournaments in the nation, let alone the Southeast.

Devin Waldrop
Columbia, South Carolina

I tell my students every year, when you compete in the Carolina Martial Arts Open, bring your A game because there is top notch competition there!

Sifu Mark Williams
Shaolin Kung Fu School
Denver, NC

The CMAO has become a staple on Piedmont Martial Arts calendar of events each year. I can honestly say that this is one of the most well run and organized tournaments I have had the pleasure to attend as well as Judge at each year. Kudos to Brian Pena and The Karate Dojo!!

Sensei Erica Smith
Piedmont Martial Arts
Burlington, NC

The Carolina Martial Arts Open is a must for NBL and Naska competitors alike. It is by far one of my favorite tournaments to attend and compete in. If you are looking for a sport karate tournament run with the same precision and attention to detail as a traditional form than this is it!

Tim Conkel

CMAO is one of the most professionally organized and staffed martial art events in the United States! CMAO consistently demonstrates why it is one of the top NBL tournaments! It is always hosted by wonderful staff, fair and professional judges, spacious venues, and divisions that are completed on time!

Mark Laughlin
LifeForce Fighter Group
Columbia, South Carolina