How do I tie my belt?

When MUST you bow?

  • When entering or leaving the Dojo, when instructed to by Sensei or the class leader (usually at the beginning and end of class), before sitting seiza or anza, to acknowledge being Given instructions in class, and when greeting a Blackbelt.

How do I address Sensei, Blackbelts, or my instructor?

  • Sensei should always be addressed as “Sensei” or “Sir”. These titles of respect should follow the answer to any question as well.
  • Out of respect, it is customary to address Sensei by his title outside the Dojo as well.
  • Blackbelts should always be addressed as “sir/maam”, or “Mr./Ms.(last name)”

How do classes operate at the Dojo?

  • You may stretch before class only in the designated areas. No one should enter either Floor A or Floor B without permission from an instructor.
  • Your instructor will give instructions on how to line up for class.
  • For adult classes, you may be told simply to “line up”. In this case, the class will line up according to rank, skipping one mat in between each student.
  • If you arrive late to class, wait near the entrance to the floor for permission to join class.
  • You should never turn your back to your instructor (unless fixing your Gi) as a show of respect.
  • Remember you are to always set a good example for others and give 100% in the Dojo, even during fitness classes. NEVER Give up!
  • DO NOT take up class time to ask Sensei about your own personal matters. Schedule an appointment with the office manager.

What about the uniform and equipment?

  • Students wear a full Gi to Karate classes, unless directed otherwise. The pants should be hemmed right above the ankle, not rolled up. The jacket sleeves should be hemmed right below the elbow, not rolled up. Your Gi should be clean and pressed with creases in the front of the pants.
  • Females wear a sports bra or tank top underneath the Gi jacket. There should be no visible t-shirt under the Gi. Males will wear nothing underneath the Gi jacket.
  • Your belt should be tied correctly with the ends even. Learn to tie your belt quickly, as it is a requirement to advance in rank.
  • The Karate Dojo students are not permitted to wear their belt outdoors unless it is a special outdoor class.
  • If you must adjust your uniform during class, turn away from your instructor as a show of respect.
  • During designated fighting classes, you may wear a Karate Dojo fighting Gi.
  • During the summer months, Sensei may allow students to wear a Karate Dojo t-shirt and Gi pants instead of the full uniform.

When do I purchase weapons or fighting equipment?

  • As you progress to different ranks you will be required to periodically purchase fighting equipment, new uniforms or new weapons.
  • All uniforms, equipment, and weapons must be purchased through The Karate Dojo.
  • You should bring your weapons to every Karate class, unless it is a fighting class.

Will I have to do push-ups?

  • Yes! No one is perfect, so everyone will eventually have to do push-ups. They are a training tool to help you improve both physically and mentally.
  • If you ever have to do push-ups, you should stay in the lean position until you are given permission to get up by a Blackbelt. You should then say “Thank you sir” or “Thank you ma’am.”
  • You may have to do push-ups for: being late to class, leaving early from class, failing to address Sensei or a Blackbelt properly, bad manners, talking out, being disrespectful, dropping a weapon (20), failing to bow, making a mistake in basics (10 per mistake), OR as requested by Sensei or another Blackbelt.
    Can students leave their Gi and gear at the Dojo?
  • Kicking Kids Kamp students have designated areas for their Karate equipment and uniforms.
  • All other students should not leave their equipment. If equipment is left, it is under the assumption that Sensei may allow others to use it.

What about private Karate lessons?

  • Private lessons may be scheduled and purchased through the office manager. No one is to interrupt a private lesson.

What are the big “sins” of the Karate Dojo?

  • DO NOT ASK ABOUT RANK. This includes yours and others.
  • DO NOT ASK TO LEARN ANYTHING NEW. Sensei will teach you at a pace that is appropriate for you
  • DO NOT ASK SENSEI OR A BLACKBELT TO “PERFORM”. This is disrespectful.
  • DO NOT CRY IN THE DOJO. If you feel tears are coming, ask for permission to leave.

Respect yourself, your fellow students, your Sensei, and Karate. Our Sensei is one of the most demanding teachers you will ever have. He will push you harder than you ever thought you could go! He has a Gift for helping others reach their full potential. If you allow him, he will do the same for you.