Junior Leader

Profile Survey

Sydney Micala Miller

Sydney Micala Miller
Named after anyone
Sydney Fox - from a TV show called Relic Hunter
Nick Name
Squishy, Carebear
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Palmetto Richland Hospital
Astrological Sign
Chinese Astrological Sign
The Snake
Martial Arts School
The Karate Dojo
Sensei Brian Pena
Year Started Martial Arts
Favorite Kick
1/2 Round
Favorite Kata
Taigo 1
Favorite Karate Tournament
Dixieland Nationals
Martial Arts Goal #1
To get a Blackbelt
Martial Arts Goal #2
To get straight A's on every test
Non-Martial Arts Life Goal
Be an author
Most Admired Person
Sensei Pena
Who you wish you could meet
Louis Tomlinson from One Direction
Favorite Movie
Winnie the Pooh
Favorite Book
The Princess and the Unicorn
Favorite Music
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Color
Navy Blue
Favorite Food
Fried Squash
Favorite Restaurant
Favorite Smell
Morning beverage preference
Apple Juice
Eye Color
Do you look like anyone famous
Miranda Cosgrove
Any unusual talents
I can bend the top knuckle of my finger
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous
What do you do for fun
Play games, Draw, and make bracelets
Last thing you ate
Mac and cheese, butter beans, and beef
Last thing you drank
Root Beer
Favorite place to be
My Aunt's house
Least favorite place to be
In health class at school
Do you burn or tan
Ever break a bone
Ever have stitches
Favorite cereal
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
5; 2 bunnies (Oreo, Smore & Smudge) 2 guinea pigs (Spud & Tater)
Describe your Personality
I am nice, funny, loving, caring, gentle, calm & friendly
Describe your Clothing style
I like to wear leggings or shorts or skirts w/tank tops and shirt
Describe your Bedroom
I share a room with my sister.
Describe your Bed
My bed is kinda small bit I make it up either before school or in the morning
Do you Consider yourself a good listener
Yes, I get my work done and pay attention when every one else is not.
Do you Brush your teeth twice a day
I only once but I need to brush them twice.
Do you Like to talk on the phone
Only when I have free time.
Do you Like to exercise
Not really unless I absolutely want to.
Do you Like to watch sports
Yes, soccer, football and sometimes golf.
Do you Sing in the shower
Sometimes, when I have a song stuck in my head.
Do you Sleep with a stuffed animal
Yes, my build-a-bears; stuffed zebra and my purple bunny (Jelly).
What is Your favorite flavor of gum
What is Your favorite deodorant
What is The name of your closest friends
Kaitlyn Pendleton
What is Your bad time of the day
What is Your worst fear(s)
Spiders, snakes and heights
What is Your favorite time of year
Summer and Winter
What is Your favorite holiday
What is The weirdest food or drink you like
What is Your single biggest 'pet peeve'
People wiggling their toes
What has been Your scariest moment
When my house got robbed for the 1st time.
What is The worst feeling in the world
Getting robbed or watching a family member die.
What is The best feeling in the world
Meeting Louis Tomlinson or One Direction.
What would you wish for
For people to be nice to me and for me to do AWESOME in school and be famous!!